Rectangular Weir Design


This program calculates the dimensions of a rectangular weir given the outflow discharge. The default discharge uses the value from the Detention Pond command. The weir width and depth are two free variables. Enter a value for one and press Enter. Then the value for the other is calculated.

The weir design may optionally be applied to a pond design. First enter a Required Storage Volume which can come from the Detention Pond command. Then click Apply to Actual Pond and choose a Storage Capacity File (.CAP). This .cap file can be created by Bench or Valley Pond Design and by the Stage-Storage command. The program then computes the elevation at the required storage volume and the corresponding elevation for the bottom of the weir given the weir depth.

When the Draw Spillway Detail option is checked, a drawing of the weir is created as shown below.

Pulldown Menu Location: Structure in Hydrology
Keyboard Command: weir
Prerequisite: None
File Name: \lsp\spilweir.lsp