Calculate Earthwork


This command calculates earthwork cut and fill between two grid (.GRD) files while adjusting for top soil removal/replacement and applying depth differentials to the final grid file from criteria specified in pre-defined zones. The zones are defined with the Define Earthwork Zones command, which creates a zone definition file that specifies the depth differential and layer for each individual area. You may also specify a third grid (.GRD) file to represent a rock surface. All grid files must be created by Make 3D Grid File before starting this command, and the grid resolutions for the files should match. 

Top soil removal/replacement is applied to the base grid before calculating the remaining earthwork.

Zone areas are defined by a closed 2D polyline in the layer corresponding to the zone definition file. The zone differentials within each zone area are applied to the final grid. In the example on the following page, ROAD 1 is a closed polyline drawn in the layer P-ROAD14 which has a zone definition with a differential of -1.17. The final grid elevations within the ROAD 1 polyline will be lowered by 1.17. Roads 2-6 are in a layer P-ROAD8 with a differential of -0.67.

After adjusting the base and final grid surfaces, the earthwork is calculated between the grids. The volume within each zone is calculated and reported separately. If there is more than one polyline area assigned to a particular zone, the volumes will be broken down per polyline within the zone. Any area that is not in a defined zone is reported in the Base volume category. The report formatter dialog will open, allowing the user to customize the look and content of the volume report.

Use Rock Grid for Volumes prompts you to specify a third grid (.GRD) file that represents a rock surface. With this grid, the program will calculate and report rock cut separately from the rest of the volumes.

Write Zone Modified Grids Files creates grid files for both the existing surface after topsoil modifications have been applied and the a new grid of the final surface with the zone differentials applied.

Hatch Zone Areas applies a different color of diagonal hatch to each defined zone.

Pulldown Menu Location: Grading
Keyboard Command: zonecalc
Prerequisite: Zone definitions and closed polylines, and base and final grid files.
File Names: \lsp\zonecalc.lsp, \lsp\contour4.arx