Line by Angle-Distance


This command draws a line from an occupied point at a given angle and distance, where the angle format supports the standard 1-9 angle-bearing codes. It holds the current occupied point and calculates a line by angle-distance to each entered point. As for the angle formats, the Options choice allows for angle right, azimuth only or prompt entry (Right/Azimuth/Prompt) methods. The Prompt method allows you to enter the 1-9 angle-bearing codes.


Occupied Point ?
Pick point or point number:
pick point
Exit/Options/SideShot/Inverse/Enter Azimuth (ddd.mmss) <90.0000>: 112.3024
Points/<Distance>: 290
Exit/Options/SideShot/Inverse/Enter Azimuth (ddd.mmss) <112.3024>: O
Angle prompt angle right or azimuth only [Right/Azimuth/Prompt]? R
Exit/Options/SideShot/Inverse/Enter Angle (dd.mmss) <112.3024>: 88
Points/<Distance>: 300
Exit/Options/SideShot/Inverse/Enter Angle (dd.mmss) <88>: O
Angle prompt angle right or azimuth only [Right/Azimuth/Prompt]? P
Exit/Options/Points/Angle-Bearing Code <7>: Enter
Enter Angle (dd.mmss) <88>: 31.4340
Points/<Distance>: 419
Exit/Options/Points/Angle-Bearing Code <7>: E

Pulldown Menu Location: COGO
Keyboard Command: travline
Prerequisite: None
File Name: \lsp\trav.lsp