Explorer, RAM memory

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Explorer, RAM memory

Postby alexander » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:28 pm

Page 81 of the Carlson Explorer User Guide indicates that the Carlson Explorer came with 64MB of SDRAM and 128MB standard internal compact flash (16MB reserved for OS).

How can I tell what my Explorer actually has?

If I go to the Control Panel, and double click System:

In General Tab, it lists memory as 36280 KB, and at the Memory tab it shows 19008KB total storage memory, and 17272KB total program memory (I've just upgraded to SurvCE 2.61). The sum is 36280 KB. Is this the right setting for the slider? Also, I'm guessing that this refers to the (SD?)RAM memory. Where is the rest of the 64MB that came with the Explorer? My primary concern is that running SurvCE 2.61, according to Carlson, requires a minimum of 64MB RAM.

Again at the Control Panel, I double click Storage Manager, and it lists DSK1 as a TOSHIBA256M, having a listed capacity of 244.50 MB. I'm guessing this is the available portion of the internal compact flash (disk space)? I guess mine came with or was upgraded to more disk memory than the standard 128MB.

Thanks for any help.

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