Exporting .CRD files with a scale factor

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Exporting .CRD files with a scale factor

Postby corvusbray » Wed Oct 18, 2023 7:54 pm

Our surveying company uses Carlson Survey 2018 with SurvPC v7.01 and a BRx7 GPS unit pair. When we do a job, we will run a 2+ hour opus and then translate the entire file to that point in Carlson Survey. We read a scale factor as well. There have been some problems in return jobs though. Since the update to SurvPC v7.01 though we have been having problems with scale factors. Some days it's only 20 feet out, other days it was close to 300 feet out on our check shots. We decided to begin exporting fresh .CRD files form Carlson Survey and input the old scale factor, but we almost always have to reset the scale factor to 1:1 each time after putting in the original. This reduces the error down to a couple hundredths to even a tenth at times. Does Carlson Survey export .CRD files at a 1:1 scale, or is SurvPC v7.01 unable to apply a scale factor to imported .CRD files?
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