RTK Vector into SurvNET

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RTK Vector into SurvNET

Postby cujo » Sun Nov 23, 2008 4:22 am

I do not have the SurvCE GPS module, yet. This may be a stupid question, but can RTK vectors be read into SurvNET from the .rw5 file?
The manual says that it can be read in from a Trimble DC file (which would be the similar process) and I just want to check to make sure...

Currently, the following GPS vector file formats are supported.
Thales: Thales files typically have .obn extensions and are binary files.
Leica: Leica files are ASCII files.
StarNet ASCII GPS: See below for more information on StarNet format. These files typically have .GPS extensions.
Topcon (.tvf): Topcon .tvf files are ASCII files.
Chapter 11. Survey Menu 531
Topcon (.xml): Topcon also can output their GPS vectors in XML format which is in ASCII format.
Trimble Data Exchange Format (.asc): These files are in ASCII format
Trimble data collection (.dc): These files are ASCII.
LandXML, (*.xml)

I don't see .rw5 listed, and I'm led to beleive that SurvCE GPS rtk data is collected in an .rw5 file, so I am asking if that gets read in like the Trimble .dc file.
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