Topcon 802a and SurvCE 3.0.2 locks up

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Topcon 802a and SurvCE 3.0.2 locks up

Postby jgraves » Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:34 pm

I have SurvCE 3.02.08 loaded on a TDS Ranger 500x with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.1.195.
I use a Topcon 802a robotic total station with Satel 3 radio's and an RC-2. I continually have a problem with the data collector locking up. The typical situation is something like this...I will set up and get a backsight and take a handful of sideshots then I will take an offset shot. Then I will check some inverses and go back into the sideshot screen and the screen will freeze. I have to hard reset the data collector to get it to work again and it will just continually do it.
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