Carlson Software Serial Number Upgrade Lookup

Use the form below to locate your upgrade serial number (if applicable). To find the existing serial number of the product you are currently using:

  1. Launch the existing version of the Carlson product.
  2. Use the table below as a guide to locate the serial number.
Carlson Serial Number Locations
Product Family How to Find Serial Number
Desktop CAD: Help Menu → About Carlson → (Change) Registration
  • For Version 6 and later: Main Menu → File Tab → About SurvCE/SurvPC → (Change) Registration
  • For Version 5 and older: Main Menu → Equip Tab → About SurvCE/SurvPC → (Change) Registration
Precision 3D: Help Menu → Registration

Existing Serial Number:
Phone Number:
Customer ID (if known):
Email Address:

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