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File File Size File Date Description
CarlsonGeoidGrids.exe 226,555,191Apr 06 2017This install contains the files needed for Geoid Support in SurvCE and X-Port.
CarlsonUpdateSpring2002.pdf 389,039Apr 06 2017The Carlson Software Spring 2002 newsletter.
Carlson_CSI.pdf 624,201Apr 06 2017 
SDPS55S.exe 108,662,456Apr 06 2017 
batchcon.exe 2,052,287Apr 06 2017Standalone program that allows you to convert other point files to SurvCADD .CRD format. Supported file formats for conversion include: Surveyor One, Benchmark, Kentucky COGO (.COO), MinePro(.LUP), and TDS (.CR5).
daoinstall360.exe 7,728,034Apr 06 2017Data Access Objects install program. This file is also supplied on the SurvCADD CD-ROM.
dcom95.exe 1,229,056Apr 06 2017Needed for htmlhelp and databases on Win95 machines.
hhupd.exe 477,160Apr 06 2017 8,687,725Apr 06 2017 
ldd_leica.exe 2,945,028Apr 06 2017 
minemenu.pdf 83,565Apr 06 2017 
msasync.exe 3,363,840Apr 06 2017 
msie30.exe 7,255,696Apr 06 2017Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 - Can be installed on very old systems (ie: Windows 95a) to update the Windows Help File System. Do not install this unless instructed by Carlson Software support.
news0001.pdf 181,114Apr 06 2017April 2000 Carlson newsletter.
news0002.pdf 529,673Apr 06 2017February 2000 Carlson newsletter.
news9705.pdf 525,214Apr 06 2017Spring 1997 Carlson newsletter.
news9805.pdf 437,832Apr 06 2017June 1998 Carlson newsletter.
pointcon.exe 55,296Apr 06 2017Standalone program that allows you to view and/or edit the following file types: Autodesk LDD Point File (.MDB), Kentucky COGO (.COO), SurvCADD Coordinate File (.CRD), SurvCADD Grid File (.GRD), Surveyor One, TDS (.CR5).
pointcon_setup.exe 5,419,800Apr 06 2017This is the entire setup file for the PointCon program. 175,268Apr 06 2017This is a ZIP file that contains all the point symbols for SurvCADD 2000. Any symbol that contains a closed area also contains a "Wipeout" entity that covers this enclosed area. The purpose os the Wipeout is to 'hide' geometry that would otherwise show 'through' the symbol. Wipeouts have been known to cause unexpected problems in drawings and while plotting. For this reason, use these symbols at your own risk, they are NOT SUPPORTED.
sdps_qref.pdf 1,661,954Apr 06 2017This is the quick reference guide for the SDPS program.
survcadd geology 101.doc 35,177,472Apr 06 2017 
survce-brochure.pdf 480,271Apr 06 2017This is an Acrobat PDF of the SurvCE brochure. Full color, 2 pages. 1,730Apr 06 2017This ZIP file contains files needed for tutorial lessons. These files were mistakenly omitted on some early builds of Carlson Survey XML.
uudeview.exe 109,296Apr 06 2017